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Our professional editing services will ensure that your manuscript is polished and ready for print or submission. Whether you've written a book, article, report or essay for print or digital platforms (ebooks), our experienced writers and editors can help you every step of the way from planning to writing, editing and delivery to printer or publisher.

If you want to produce your own book, we can put you in touch with a selection of designers who will design the edited work, add illustrations or images, and produce final pdfs for print or ebooks.

Let us show you...

Why published authors sound so good

Every published author has an editor who irons out the glitches  and we're making this service directly available to you.

A professional editor will check that your book or report is ready for publication, by checking structure, factual accuracy, accessibility, style, spelling and grammar, and more.

Every editor at EditorsOnline has worked at one or more of the leading UK book and magazine publishers, guiding experienced and first-time authors through the process. And now they're ready to help you with any or all of the following:
  • an independent, professional assessment of the book's quality: its strengths, weaknesses, and likelihood of success in print or digital markets
  • guidance on putting together a full outline or synopsis that print publishers will actually read and consider (essential if you want to take the traditional publishing route)
  • in-depth planning on overall structure, so your book follows a logical progression and readers can see at a glance what's where, with one look at the contents page
  • guidance on content to make sure you've included everything your readers are looking for, and more
  • guidance on tone, style and language for your intended market. Are you speaking to business peers, multi-tasking teenagers, or busy working mums and dads? Whether you're writing fiction or non-fiction your voice is important; make sure it carries the kind of authority you're looking to project and really connects with the reader
  • a full check of all material to make sure it's on-track for structure, content, language, grammar and factual accuracy
  • guaranteed readability. Because even the most useful information in the world won't get read if the writing is dense, inaccessible or styled inappropriately for its market. We know you love your subject, and our copy-editing will help you really bring it alive for your readers
  • professional publishing advice. We can help you through the self-publishing or traditional publishing process. Our editors have worked for some of the UK's largest publishing companies, and we work with a great ebooks company blackbird digital books so we can help you get started with whichever route you want to take.
Just want help with copy-editing or proof-reading?

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