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Q. How much does it cost?

Prices vary according to the amount of writing, rewriting, or editing that needs doing. It's your call. We can rewrite web pages from £50; copy-editing costs £5 per 250 words; proof-reading comes in at £10 per 1,000 words. Total overhauls and rewrites by quotation.

Ring us on (00) 44 1473 781981 or email us some sample copy for a quote.

All editing work for publishing companies is charged at standard UK freelance rates.

Q. What types of document formats do you accept?

We accept any form of text documents, including Apple Pages, Microsoft Word, Rich Text Format, or plain text. We can work with pdfs, but would rather not, as they require lengthy conversion processes. We return your edited manuscript in the required format.

If you have created your manuscript using a format not mentioned above, and would like to know if we can still edit your manuscript, us.

Q. How do I submit my manuscript?

Submitting your manuscript is easy. Just contact us by email, attaching your document, and we’ll immediately acknowledge its safe arrival.

Q. What happens to my manuscript after I send it to you?

Once we receive your email and document, we will quickly determine the exact number of words it contains, the level of editing we feel it requires, and the treatment you have requested (assessment, copy-edit, proof-read, etc.) We will then let you know the cost for your requested treatment, and offer any other services we think might be helpful to turn your manuscript into a genuinely publishable product.

Q. How do I pay you?

Once you’ve given us the go-ahead, we’ll ask you for a small deposit (10%, via Paypal), and then we’ll immediately start work on your manuscript. When the editing process is complete, we will send you an invoice. Upon receipt of your payment, we will promptly send you your edited manuscript.

Q. Can you guarantee that my personal information and writing will be protected?

Absolutely! All payments are secured through Paypal, so we’ll never ask you for any financial details. And you can rest assured that your manuscript and copyright are protected – all of our editors sign a confidentiality agreement prior to starting work with us, ensuring that they cannot, under any circumstances, share our customers' personal details or manuscripts. All copies of your manuscript will be destroyed once it has been edited and returned to you

Q. If I use your service, will my manuscript definitely be published?

While we guarantee to correct, refine and generally improve the use of English in your report, article or manuscript, and – if requested – restructure the manuscript into a saleable proposition, unfortunately we cannot make any guarantees about the acceptance of your document once we have edited it for you. Publishers accept work for many reasons, but their overriding concern is that something will sell – you may have written the world’s best book or article ever on prairie planting, but if it’s not considered topical or trendy, or if the market is just too small, the publisher is likely to put it on the back burner

Acceptance of your manuscript lies solely within the domain of the editor of the publication that you have submitted it to, and sadly, we can’t influence them. What we can do, is make yours the most compelling proposition it could possibly be

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